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  • > High-strength and restraining granite construction made of massive ground natural stone with industrial precision and steel base chassis.
  • > Powerful 1,6 kW high-frequency-spindle with up to 80.000 rpm and 3-time hybrid ball bearings.
  • > Linear motor drives with Heidenhain length measuring System assures highest precision and dynamic.

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Diverse Milling "Compacted"

  • > 5-axes-simultaneous processing with three linear axes and one rotation-swinging-unit offers full flexibility
  • > Optionally the CORiTEC 450i can be tethered to a 12- to 20-times blank magazine

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Keep it

We offer the possibility of producing bars on different implant systems. The required milling tools for production of the abutment interfaces were developed specifically for these applications. For the production of bar constructions generally a 5-axis milling-machine is required.

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Proven Products

We Use what we sale! When you have the right tools for the right job you can concentrate on your core business. Let us do the dirty work so you don't have to. Many of the consumable such as Zirconia, Pmma, Wax, Dia cutters are produced with quality germany engineering.

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Unlimited 24/7 Access! With our client tools you are able to Schedule a case, order, Track and trace, Attach images and send messages to our office from the otherside of the earth. "Even on holiday's"

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In our world-renowned industry, we provide incomparable quality, high-performance materials with accelerated functionality and unsurpassed success ratings. Included, we extend the benefit of continued support from extraordinarily trained and experienced technicians who will share significant knowledge and confidence in assisting with your valued investment.

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Our innovative CAM Software will be the difference in effortlessly milling a refined, optimized, and virtually flawless piece without the unnecessary finishing time. In addition to having a more adequate and efficient process which should increase production, our CAM Software can impact a more cost effective and economical business platform.

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Enjoy the versatility and leisure of our enhanced Client Tools feature. Client Tools will sufficiently aid in facilitating and collaborating each stage of the life of your case. The impeccable structure and capabilities will allow you to manage your Business from countless places around the world.

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3 Easy Ways to Automate Your Lab

  1. Getting Started

    Are you new to the automated laboratory industry, but don't want to limit your resources? Let us combine your expertise with our advanced modern technology.

  2. Invest in an open architectural scanner

    On average, if you ship ten (10) units or more per week, then it is in your best interest to invest in an affordable scanner. You would attain the benefit of faster turn-around times, instant savings, and the expected outcome of your customized designs.

  3. In-House Milling & Open Product Purchase

    One important and obvious reason when buying an open in-house milling system is "CONTROL". Being in the driver's seat, you oversee the entire process. This includes the ability to use our premium quality consumables, hands-on real-time modifications, and the option to receive a return on your investment when accepting new clients.